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CLOUD POWERED! ( Redundancy + Data Storage Failover + SAN + Hypervisor)

Cloud Technology provide single points of failure are eliminated with HostingPartner.pk from not only the software, but hardware levels as well.

We can deploy, scale, or migrate entire servers in just a few moments, which is much faster than a traditional Web Hosting environment.

No longer are Web Hosting "servers" tied to a physical machine.

When you have an account with HostingPartner.pk, your account is instantly, and constantly replicated across multiple machines and multiple storage locations. If your website is running on a physical server that crashes, it is instantly restarted on one that available.

You may have read about massive cloud failures with other companies, however many of those were due to a single point of failure on the underlying engine. Each one of our private clouds run off of an underlying engine, or distribution server which manages the applications running on each cloud and physical server. In HostingPartner.pk, we replicate this engine in real time across multiple physical machines so in the event of a failure, the backup engine is automatically and instantly restarted on another server.

Our custom implementation provides the benefits a cloud provides, but environments are also separated into smaller, scalable applications similar to that of a traditional Shared Web Hosting provider.

We like to keep it simple and provide you with the same Web Hosting terms that you are already used to, and use the same billing methods as before, but provide the benefits that cloud has to offer.

What is the Cloud Server Redundancy?

HP operates by having redundant servers which are then used to provide service when system components fail. Normally, if a server with a particular application crashes, the application will be unavailable until someone fixes the crashed server. HP clustering remedies this situation by detecting hardware/software faults, and immediately restarting the application on another server without requiring administrative intervention, a process known as failover.

What is the Cloud Data Storage Failover?

A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated storage network that provides access to consolidated, block level storage with multiple failover disk drives. Our SANs are used to make disk storage arrays, accessible to our HP servers so that the devices appear as locally attached to the operating system and has many redundancy data arrays so if one or multiple drives fails another data drive picks up in a few seconds while the bad drive(s) are replaced.

Enterprise Class Cloud Architecture
We have multiple hypervisors providing the virtualization and powering VMs with CPU and Memory, a centralized Storage Area Network, VM backup servers, and an R1Soft Backup Cluster all powered by a central OnApp control appliance.
We have broken the Cloud down in easy to understand terms on our Cloud Architecture.

The Hypervisors
You can search Google for a definition of a hypervisor and be overwhelmed with a lot of technical jargon. Basically a hypervisor provides the virtualization in a cloud but no data is actually stored in a hypervisor. The hypervisor provides the CPU power and memory to power a cloud server and if a hypervisor fails, cloud servers bound to it will be automatically rebooted onto other hypervisors thus providing the auto-failover.

OnApp Control Server
OnApp is the program that powers the whole cloud setup. It works from a centralized server that monitors the hypervisors and provides the auto-failover in case a hypervisor fails. The cloud will also operate as normal even if the control panel fails or taken down for maintenance. Cloud server snapshots are also stored on this multi-terabyte RAID protected central server.

CLOUD Powered Hosting Plans
CLOUD Powered Hosting Plans CL1 - Plan CL2 - Plan CL3 - Plan
Disk Space 3Gb 6Gb 10Gb
Monthly Bandwidth 30 Gb 60 Gb 100 Gb
1*Domain Regist. - .com Free Free Free
Platform Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Linux / Windows
Up time 99.99% 99.99% 99.99%
Price / Yearly Rs.12,000/- Rs.18,000/- Rs.25,000/-
Av. Monthly Cost Rs.1,000/- Rs.1,500/- Rs.2,083/-
Pay via Credit Card Order Now Order Now Order Now
Cloud Powered      
Cloud Powered
Cloud Server Redundancy
Cloud Data Storage Failover
The Hypervisors
POP3/SMTP Accounts 30 60 100
E-mail Manager
Mailing List
Auto Responders
Antivirus Protection
SPF Protection
Horde / Squireel Mail / Round
MySQL 5 Databases
PGSQL 7 Databases
MSSQL Databases 2005 & 2008 ( windows only)
MS Access Databases ( windows only)
DNS/ODBC Resources ( windows only)
ASP Enterprise Manager
SQL Server Mgt Studio Express ( windows only)
Linux Server Features      
Cpanel Softaculous FTP Manager File Manager
Customizable Error Pages Log Files & Site Stats Sub Domain MS FrontPage
PHP 5 / Perl 5 CGI-BIN Server Side Includes Zend Optimizer
Image Magick Ruby On Rails    
Windows Server Features      
ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 AJAX ASP.NET Crystal Reports Support Cold Fusion 8
ASP Standard PHP 5 / Perl 5 CGI-BIN Server-Side Imagemap
ASPSecured (free version) Server Side Includes Zend Optimizer Image Magick
Website Backup Tool Dedicated Web Directories Dedicated Application Pools Dedicated Web Application
Windows SharePoint Services Jmail ASP.NET Ajax Dundas Upload
AspUpload ASPmail 4 ASPgrid AspImage 2
Other Scripts
Joomla , Wordpress, Drupal, RvSiteBuilder :::: more than 50+ free Softaculous scripts

If you have any question or need consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@yi.com.pk