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Cloud Backup Mail Service

If your mail server goes down or is inaccessible from the internet, your emails will automatically fail over to our Cloud backup MX server. Our mail server will queue your emails and automatically forward emails to your server after it comes back available.

  • Never lose an e-mail because of server downtime, loss of internet connectivity or natural disasters.
  • While your server is down, our web mail will allow all users of the domain to login and view queued messages for their individual mailboxes as well as reply-to or compose new messages.
  • Multiple backup servers to receive your emails. Maximum email message size up to 15 MB. No limit on number of queued messages and storage space for your domain.
How It Works?

HostingPartner.pk, Cloud mail backup service acts as your second priority mail server. If your mail server cannot be reached, the mail will be routed to our mail backup server and wait in queues. Our server will keep checking your mail server every 20 minutes.

Once your mail server is detected available, our mail server will forward the emails to your mail server.

Our mail server will keep attempting to deliver mail to your server for 5 days. Mails queued in our mail server exceeding 5 days will be returned to the sender.

You have option to turn on Spamassassin Spam checking on your emails. Emails found to be Spam will be drop out before reaching your email server.You also have option to set the mail back to monitoring mode that we will monitor you mail server every 8 minutes and will only accept emails for your domain only when your server is down.


Cloud Backup Mail Service charges is PKR.10,000/- (USD.100) per domain / per year.

If you have any question or need consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@yi.com.pk