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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

By offering a one-stop shop for all core IT services, YISolutions, truly stands out for businesses.

With YISolutions MBS any MSP, VAR and IT service company can provide robust managed backup service integrated cloud storage services.

YISolutions Managed Backup Service (MBS) is built from the YISolutions Backup technology and designed to meet the needs of managed service providers, providing reliable backup with remote management and monitoring

Automated Scheduled Backups
Set scheduled automated offsite backups to make sure your data is being continuously protected!

You can use the built in wizards to schedule offsite backup of your important data. All scheduled backup logs and alerts can be monitored via the web based user management portal.

Bit Level Incremental Backups

Backups are bit level incremental backups that provide a low bandwidth solution to protecting your data. Only the updated changes are transferred and stored in the backup to ensure no costly overhead for transferring the data. Retention times can also be set to ensure amalgamation of good data without taking up an over abundance of space on the servers.

Local Seeding

Local seeding is a way to manage a data when it is excessive in size. If you has a need to transfer hundreds of Gigabytes or even Terabytes of data the program can create a local seed on an external harddrive and we can physically transfer the data at our data centre. This ensures costs are kept to a minimum and only the updated portions of data need to be transmitted to the datacentre.

Backup Wizard
Manage everything with simplified and easy to use wizards to reduce set-up time and ensure no details are missed.

Whether registering, creating a scheduled job, backing up a device or restoring a backup the build in wizards make it easy. Step by step options are provided to get the most out of the software without overwhelming the user.

Clicking on a Wizard link launches the Registration, Backup or Restore Wizards that walks you through setting up the operations quickly and easily.

  • Easily backup email, pictures, documents and music with very little configuration
  • Wizards can help with job scheduling
  • Backup, restore and registration wizards
Restore files from the web based user management portal

Restore user files from the web based management console, cutting down on-site travel time and centralizing all offsite backup operations. The user management portal backup restore tab comes pack with useful features.

  • Restore files with or without original ACL permissions
  • Overwrite existing files
  • Restore files to an alternate location
  • Custom filters
Up-to 256 AES encryption in transfer and storage.

YISolutions, Cloud Backup software utilizes the latest in security techniques to ensure backup data is 100% private and not accessible by anyone but the end-user. We offer 256-bit AES encryption using a private key and transmission over SSL. AES is used by the U.S. government and has been adopted and used worldwide as a secure form of encryption.

Data Compression

YISolutions, Cloud Backup also ensures low bandwidth backups by providing an integrated and easy to implement software encryption that allows users to quickly and easily turn on or off compression. It also provides the ability to select which extensions not to compress and minimum and maximum file sizes to ensure more control over the process.

  • Data encrypted in transfer and in storage
  • The ability to set unique keys
  • High level encryption ensuring tighter data security
  • DOD standard of encryption
  • Data compression that provides on average a 2:1 ratio
Comprehensive logging and alerts

With YISolutions, Cloud Backup you donít need to worry if their backup jobs are running or successful. With the desktop software and online portal accessing the logs has never been easier. Comprehensive information is provided about the connection, updates and backup jobs.

Monitor and receive alerts of successful and failed backup jobs, backup status and even restore status reports. Know if a job failed or passed, and fix the problem. Stay steps ahead of your customers and protect their data.

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly email alerts
  • View real time logs on the web based user management
  • View logs on the client machine
  • Fixed issues before they become problems
Microsoft Exchange Backups

Our backup software is able to make backups of Linux, MS Windows SBS and MS Windows Server as well as hot backups of running exchange server, MySQL, NAS and MS SQL Servers. This makes it a truly complete backup solution for any business ensuring;

  • NAS Servers
  • MySQL Hot Backups
  • MS SQL Server Backup
  • MS Exchange Server Backup
  • Secure File Servers
  • Hot Backups
Properly create offsite backups your clients databases

Easy to follow data protection procedures for servers running Microsoft SQL and MySQL. Properly backup and restore SQL databases using step-by-step wizards included in your offsite backup program.

Backup runs through the same commands as the management console, creating reliable volume shadow copies of working databases. Properly backup your databases without having to close your work. Schedule offsite backups with the option to restore the original permissions and so much more.

If you have any question or need consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@yi.com.pk